As a writing teacher/mentor, I've taught young writers at summer camp classes, semester-long courses in advanced playwriting, and been selected to mentor young writers from across the country. And I'm available to mentor, guide, or help you, with whatever you're working on, wherever you creatively find yourself. 

Are you creatively blocked?
Never written a play before, but want to? Are you trying to break into writing in a new genre? Do you simply have trouble sitting down and writing, or meeting deadlines? 

I can help. I have experience. . . 

  • crafting marketing materials for award-winning theatres
  • writing in every genre (web series and academic research included!) 
  • teaching every genre! including playwriting to college, high school, and elementary students
  • developing promotional materials for face-recognition software
  • creating immersive theatre and robot-based performance events 

Simply contact me via e-mail to set up some of these services. 

Services Available:

Creative Coaching and One-on-One Writing Help: This is the most personalized service I offer! I do in-person meetings in New York, NY (any borough). Distance-wise, I can do Skype or FaceTime sessions or phone calls. I offer packages of multiple sessions, or one-off sessions, depending on what your goals are. Here are some examples of what Creative Coaching might look like. . . 

  • My helping you flesh out an idea for a play/novel/TV show pilot/poem 
  • If you have trouble developing a disciplined writing schedule, I can work with you to create one that suits your needs, and also be the person who holds you accountable.
  • I can even help you work through any excuses or procrastination problems that are getting in your way of writing!
  • I can help you meet a writing deadline, or set up some smaller ones along the way to help you accomplish your goals!
  • I can give you some writing exercises!
  • You can share your work with me and we can have a feedback session!

Coaching is what it sounds like - me helping you meet your goals. I won't derail the meetings with what I think you need. We can focus on your completing a manuscript or project, or other kinds of markers for completion! I have a 48-hour cancellation policy, and paying in advance is required. The cost is $40/session.

Proofreading and Editing: Price varies depending on topic, but starting rate is $2/page for general proofreading. Line-by-line copyediting is $4/page. 

Synopsis Writing and Marketing Materials: Need a good blurb, synopsis, or longline for marketing materials, or to send to a potential agent or publisher? I can write it, or help you write it. Fees range from $20 - $40.