king's cup redeux // 7.28 & 7.29

My one-act play king's cup is going up in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn July 28 - 29 as part of a double bill.

At a college party at a liberal arts school in Tennessee, it's Terra's 21st birthday. It's Nelson's chance to prove himself. And Soma's chance to get lucky. Until there's — well. Not a betrayal. A mistake. Not a horrible disaster. Wait. Is this a nightmare? No. It's fine. Nelson has a plan — okay, it's Soma's plan — to fix everything. Okay, so that plan was suggested while on molly. But it's not crazy. What. It's not. Whatever this is, it's not crazy.

The Backyard Plays (a double bill)

FB event: [link here]

7.28 & 7.29 @ 7 PM

king's cup
Directed by Breanna Foister & Jason Walter
Featuring. . .
Leah Bebee
Savannah DesOrmeaux  
Justin Garascia
Emily Kleypas