Full-length // 2W, 2M

In DIRTY DIRTY, Violet Miller, an infamous journalist, comes out of retirement to write about the adult film industry and hopes that she can rewrite the future of her career in the process. Violet finds herself at HardBall, a gonzo porn studio where her former assistant, Markus, now works. But when Violet encounters CJ, a rising adult star, she finds herself caught on the boundaries of what her career needs and what she wants most. Dirty Dirty is a dark comedy, and an examination of pornography, consent, and kink.

The Alternate Possibilties of Our Past and Future History with Particular Regard to the Identification of the Eastern Puma and the Corps of Discovery

Full-length comedic drama // 2W, 3M

Carnegie Mellon University New Works Festival production, MERIWETHER (left, played by Jordon Bolden) and LEWIS (right, played by Isabel Pask); photo by Jessica Medenbach

In a desert world that has collapsed in the wreckage of climate change, Lewis is a topographer. Lewis secretly wants a museum more than anything in the world. Secretly hoards objects she find buried in the dirt, and hides them from her eco-engineering girlfriend, Clark. At the site of pre-apocalypse ruins, two men find Lewis digging away in the desert, and they just won't stop asking her for directions and calling her "Sacajawea." Whatever that means.

2016: Semi-finalist, O'Neill Conference; semi-finalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, finalist, PlayPenn

a cardinal's song

Full-length // 2W, 3M

Twelve-year-old Willow spent twenty-two hours at the bottom of the old well in the woods. Her parents aren't sure where she is, are frantic, can't seem to remember, but then Russell, a teenaged Eagle Scout, happens upon her. Everyone thinks the worst is over. But Willow has strange dreams, hears strange songs, sees a strange bird, and can't seem to return to her life before. This unease finds its way into her parents' relationship, and Willow's new friendship with Russell. Then, suddenly, Willow is an adult. And everything is fine. . . isn't it? She can barely even remember that weird little bird. cardinal song uncovers the deeper subconscious effects of trauma— finding what claws its way to the surface, even as decades pass.