Some of Amy's short work is featured here. For more compact plays, check out her New Play Exchange profile.

CORY MONTEITH or, Let Me Save You

One-act (half-hour) // 1M

Ben Mathews as BEN (Carnegie Mellon PLAYGROUND Festival 2015, workshop performance) 

Ben, a public speaker, gives an anti-drug talk at an alternative high school, only to reveal his deepest obsessions and darkest secrets.

Workshop production, Playground at Carnegie Mellon University, dir. Zoe Clayton


A one-act punk rock adaptation of Sophocles's Antigone) // 3W, 3M

Antigone is having a really fucking bad day. And she's going to sing you a song about it. Also, why won't she just invite her boyfriend Haimon to the damn Halloween party? 

Concert reading, Kennedy Center American College Regional Theatre Festival


Ten-Minute // 2W

Marnie and Penelope are best friends, and Marnie is a mermaid. Marnie is leaving. Penelope is a dying star. Marnie is leaving.

Staged reading, Dark Matter Theatre's Hearts on the Wall, dir. Abby Barr